Temples, Tigers and the Taj Mahal


When you think of India, what comes to mind?   Let’s take a journey and see if you can change or add to those images.  India is  becoming the most requested destination in the world.  Here we go.


From the historic Taj Mahal to the bustling cities and countryside, India’s cultural and natural wonders are a kaleidoscope of colors, cultures, sights and sounds — a feast for the senses that will leave you thirsty for more!   On this unique journey, you discover an abundant diversity of wildlife in Kanha and Bandhavgarh — India’s signature wildlife areas — including leopards, tigers, hyenas, bears, barasingha and an astounding variety of colorful birds.  It is a land of dreams and romance, fabulous wealth and proverty, of splendor and rags, of palaces and hovels, of famine and plenty, of a hundred nations and tongues, of a thousand religions and two million gods, for the lettered and the ignorant, the wise and fool, and the bond and the free. 


North India  includes the bustling capital of Delhi which is built on the remains of seven distinctive cities.  Here you find museums, galleries and cultural centers,  Three different regions differing in topgraphy and culture are in the North.  Jammu abounds with temples and secluded forest retreats.  Srinagar offers delightful holidays on its lakes with their shikaras and houseboats.  Rajasthan is India’s desert state with the capital city Jaipur known as the “pink city” because of the color of it’s buildings.  Pushkar is a sleepy town which is catapulted into prominence for 19 days every November as India’s most splendeed camel fair takes place.  Visitor’s accommodations are in the form of tents which cater to all comforts and budgets.


West India.  The gateway is Mumbai (Bombay) with an international airport and harbor.  This is the heart or central nerve center.  Numerous art galleries, performing arts centers, and theatres with shopping and world cuisine in abundance.  The very popular Indian Ocean destination is Goa which offers 40 beaches from the wild to mild. Outside Mumbai there are many interesting cities such as Aurangebad with its roots in midieval times.   A world Heritage site featuring 34 caves with the greatest examples of ancient Indian art.  Visit Nagpur a leading textile center were saris are widely available. 


East India.  Calcutta is the major entry port.  Many fascinating sites can been seen here such as Jaj Bhawan, the resident of the Governor or Bengal, Botanical Gardens with their banyan tree and orchid house.  Well known names such as Darjeeling facing some of Himalayas highest peaks, Orissa with its fine beaches and bird and wild life sanctuaries.   This area has the most densely packed vegetation and steeped areas of the country.  Three national parks and 11 sanctuaries have bben designated as biodiversity “hot spots” in India.   



South India.  The capital is Chennai (Madras) and the entry point.  A visit to Kochi on the Arabian see is a must.  Churches, synagogues, beaches and palaces for exploring by hiking or touring.   One of the most beautiful states, Kerala, you can relax from the city life and explore nature.    In Bangalore, the technology center is an attractive city with numerous landscaped gardens and the beautiful Hussain Sagar Lake.


If train travel is your tour of choice, don’t miss the options here.  The Palace on Wheels that has coaches made for the rulers of India’s states.  14 interconnected saloons, 2 restaurant cars, a bar lounge, a library and luxury throughout.  The 8 day journey Sept. through Apr goes from Rajasttan to Delhi.                                 


The Deccan Odyssey launched in 2004 that goes roundtrip from Mumbai.  This is a luxury train with 21 coaches, 2 presidential suite cards, 2 restaurants and a spa car.


The Fairy Queen is a 2 saloon train that makes a short weekend trip from Delhi to Alwar.  This trip includes a tour or the Sariska Tiger Reserve for an overnight stay.


A visit to India will not disappoint you.  Just make sure you talk to a travel professional who can give you correct advise on the best way to visit this very old but very new destination.







The Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels

Markets everywhere

Markets everywhere

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal


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